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Below is a catalog of every product we have developed during our association with Eastern Business Solutions

If you see your product below please don't hesitate to contact us regarding support for your Dodecahedron Product.
DEX-00827 Auto-Freight  
DEX-00828 Volume Discount Manager  
DEX-00866 Codezol Zone Modification  
DEX-00946 Universal Customer Finder  
DEX-00975 Special GL Export  
DEX-01071 SOP DOC Inquiry Window  
DEX-01072 Special Item Quantity W\Inv  
DEX-01093 Special PO Entry W/Landed Cost  
DEX-01177 Prevent Duplicate Customer PO  
DEX-01178 PM Services Tax  
DEX-01183 PM Svcs Tax W/Landed Cost  
DEX-01257 Special IV Import/Nds. WDEX001  
DEX-01336 Use Tax Enhancement  
DEX-01344 Physical Inventory Adjustment  
DEX-01370 Special Bacorder Automation  
DEX-01414 RM Import/Apply/Deposit  
DEX-01415 SOP/IV Enhancements  
DEX-01474 Encumbrance Package  
DEX-01535 SOP Comment Pad  
DEX-01625 Batch Adj To Physical Count  
DEX-01703 Item Replcnt, Wts & Volume  
DEX-01725 Corr Doc W/Cust&Cash Inv Reduc  
DEX-01744 Auto-Freight W/Zone Markup  
DEX-01762 Customer ID Setup  
DEX-01763 Special Report For Mascaro