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Let's face it, software isn't perfect. Settings could be wrong, data is not in the correct format, or heaven forbid, there is a bug in the program. Whatever it is. If it can be fixed we can usually fix it!

Support is available for your out of warranty software. Our staff were the original developers of your custom code purchased from DDH or DBS and we are fully versed in the intricacies of the web of code behind it. Our staff are knowledgeable friendly and able to solve practically any problem you could be facing with your custom software. Below are our standard rates. Basically, we have 2 tiers, those that are current on their subscription fees (or within 1 year of original purchase) and those that are outside of the subscription plan.

Support Rates

Description Rate
Incident start (with subscription) 75.00 (first hour)
Incident start (without subscription) 100.00 (first hour)
Support Hours (with subscription) 50.00/hr in 15 min. increments
Support Hours (without subscription) 75.00/hr in 15 min. increments


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