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Policies and Terms 



This document will seek to outline our current policies and terms that generally end up in our proposals.


Functionality that allows an application to respond to events in Great Plains. (Such as a record saved to a database table, etc.).
Great Plains Field
A field that exists in the unmodified Great Plains/eEnterprise application. Please see your resource descriptions in Great Plains/eEnterprise application for field types and limits.
A field that can only have one of 2 values (IE True or False).
String [n]
A field that can contain n number of displayable characters (IE A Z, a z, 0 9,) For example, a field whose type is String 15 can contain a maximum of 15 characters of data in it.
A field that can contain a special floating point number that is designed to reduce round-off error in computational functions. This number is accurate up to 5 decimal places (Ex: 9999.12345 is a currency value).
To take an existing program and update it to add compatibility with a system it was not compatible with before. Unless otherwise noted by the specification no new functionality will be added. This includes any previously undisclosed program anomalies. Your upgraded program will behave exactly as it did in the previous version of Great Plains -- warts and all. Upgrade related program anomaly considerations must show deviation from previous version behavior before any research will be performed. So in terms of upgrades we ask that if there are any issues or problems with your custom software, to please bring them to our attention during the upgrade proposal phase of your project.
Visual Basic for Applications. A Microsoft supplied scripting enhancement that many 3rd party developers may use to enhance an application.
Custom Software
A stand-alone or integrating sequence of machine codes that are intended to serve a specific purpose for a specific customer. -- In English -- A program that was written according to your needs and desires. Or better yet, a program not in our product list for general use J
Recurring pricing model where one is charged recurring fees for ongoing access to content. Please see our Policy on Subscriptions below


Free Assistance with troubleshooting and setup diagnostics is limited to Installation and Setup. Diagnosis of reported problems beyond what is necessary to install or setup our products requires a support contract with Deccasoft Business Solutions, Inc. and is subject to our rate schedule. While our intent is to provide first class service and support, we need to put food on the table just like you. In our long experience we have seen how 100% free support (even for paying customers) can be abused and often results in losses so great that we've even seen companies fold up from the sheer volume of support calls and requests.
In our attempt at being reasonable with support we often don't charge clients for simple, quick support issues. Especially those that only require email assistance and/or are resolved in less than 15 minutes. We stand behind our products and have taken extra steps in both our libraries and in our installation methods to handle as much of the tedium of installation and ongoing maintenance as we can. As always we're always open to suggestions on improvement. For our support rates please see this page.
Development Acceptance
When client is provided with the initial release of the software outlined in our project specifications, a Development Acceptance Form will be provided with the release. This Development Acceptance Form is to be signed by the client when the program has passed all specified requirements. Once this Development Acceptance Form is signed the project is considered to be closed and any further modifications or changes will need to be set forth in a Project Change Specification and charged separately. Test Registration Keys will be provided that will expire 60 days after issuance. The only way permanent registration keys can be provided is after a signed Development Acceptance form has been received by Deccasoft Business Solutions, Inc. Under certain mitigating circumstances (as determined by Deccasoft Business Solutions) a second issuance of registration keys that expire within 30 days will be issued. This second issuance of registration keys will be the final extension to this project. All projects older than 90 days after delivery or more than 30 days after last open incident communication are closed.
Our custom software typically comes with 60 days free support for all problems related to your custom program. Standard software is freely supported for installation and setup. Our preferred vehicle of providing support is through Great Plains consultants as they posses the knowledge and skill to effectively assist in troubleshooting your issues and are more than capable of determining which parts of your accounting system are from our integration and which parts are Microsoft's.
The Model that DBS uses for our standard software is a pseudo-subscription model. Active subscriptions provide free updates/upgrades and lower support incident costs. Upon a new purchase or renewal, the subscription is active for one year up to the last day of the month of initial purchase (not renewals). If a subscriber allows their subscription to lapse, the subscription will become inactive until it is caught up to its current levels or a new subscription is purchased (whichever is of lower cost). If a subscription is lapsed longer than a year then "catch-up" renewal payments must be made until the subscription is current. Also, a 10% re-activation fee is associated with the entire cost of subscription. If a subscription is lapsed long enough that a new subscription must be purchased, no re-activation fees will be assessed as the purchase is new. Multiple active product subscriptions provide a 5% discount off each subscription renewal. This discount is only applied to renewals for active subscriptions.
To illustrate: If a subscriber makes a new purchase on 5/13/2007 for 1000.00 and the subscription renewal cost is 200.00, the subscriber would need to renew before 5/31/2008 in order to remain current. If the subscriber purchases the subscription at any time during the year from 5/1/2008 through 4/30/2009 they will still have a subscription "renew by" date of 5/31 so if the subscriber in this example were to allow their subscription to lapse and desired to renew on 4/1/2009 they would pay the 200.00. However, their subscription renewal date would still be 5/31/2009. If the subscriber allows their subscription to lapse until 5/1/2009, they would need to pay 400.00 in order to update their subscription because the 2008-2009 subscription was not purchased. Also, as noted above, a 10% re-activation fee would be associated with the subscription cost, so in our example the subscriber would be assessed 440.00 in total subscription fees.
Source Code
Source may be provided for a fee and with non-disclosure/non-compete agreements. Source code will only be provided if the client's account is in good standing and all payments have been received for the project/program/add-on in question. Source code will only be provided for software developed by Deccasoft Business Solutions, Inc. If any open source code is used DBS will provide last known links at the client's request to download the source code for any such project. Further, any program warranties either expressed or implied become nullified after the delivery of source code as Deccasoft can no longer guarantee the code has not been altered. Please feel free to discuss or email us at info@deccasoft.com for more information.

Source code may only be reviewed by individuals possessing the necessary skill sets and experience. For example Dynamics GP Add-Ins are created using Microsoft Dexterity. This requires certifications and experience with Microsoft Dexterity, Dynamics GP and SQL Server. Certifications that are valid for these products are Dexterity Certified Systems Engineer, Dynamics GP Certified Integration Developer for Dexterity as well as certifications from the non-Microsoft Business division for certifications.

Additionally, source code may not be transferred nor divulged to a competing ISV (Independent Software Vendor) without express written permission from Deccasoft Business Solutions, Inc. or it subsidiaries, beneficiaries or successors. Any modifications to software the source code has been delivered to the client will be charged per hour regardless of any errors in original coding.
Hourly Work
Any projects or clients who are on hourly work or agreements with Deccasoft will be billed at the end of each week (or later for less than 20 hours total). This invoice is due in 2 weeks unless terms have been specified. If a client is late 2 or more times in a calendar year, their terms will be cancelled for 120 days during which their terms will revert back to a 2-week due date for all subsequent invoices. If the client remains current for 120 days their original Net terms will be restored.


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